Dear Boater, 
The marina management cares about improving the quality of the environment that we live and work in. 
 Please assist us in complying with environmental, safety and health concerns by cooperating with the 
 following directions:


Do not throw, discharge, deposit, or place refuse, sewage or waste matter of any description into the waters of the Marina basin, nor discharge or deposit materials of any kind on the banks, docks, or walkways in any location where the same may be washed or accidentally deposited into the waters of the Marina basin.

Do not dump or discharge oil, spirits, chemicals, flammable liquids, or contaminated bilge water into the waters of the Marina basin. This also includes excessive unburned fuels and or petroleum products discharged by engine exhausts.

If you intend to sand and paint your own boat bottom with any antifouling paints or compounds, you MUST use tarpaulins and all available means to contain any sanding residue, paint chips or chemicals.  All collected debris MUST be disposed of in a proper fashion. If you have any questions please contact our offices before starting any work.. The Marina strongly urges the use of ablative type water based antifouling paints.

Discharge of sewage, contaminated bilge water, solid refuse, or any other pollutants into the waters of the Marina is strictly prohibited by law. THE BOAT OWNER IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF CLEANUP RELATING TO ANY SUCH DISCHARGE.  All removed petroleum products, chemical residues, damaged or worn out parts, or refuse resulting from the normal maintenance and repair of vessels must be disposed of in accordance with all existing local, state, and federal rules that governs such actions. If you have any questions, please inquire at the marina office.

All garbage and or refuse must be placed in the containers provided by the marina for that purpose.

Please follow the Marina Rules and regulations set forth in our Storage Agreement.

An adult guardian should accompany all children under the age of 10 years when accessing any docks, floats, gangways, or boats. We strongly urge the use of personal flotation devices for all non-swimmers and children. Proper footwear is required on all docks.

We love pets as much as you do but we must insist that all animals are leashed and that you clean up after your pet.

All patrons must comply with all local, county, state and federal law regulations governing ownership, mooring, and operation of a boat. 

Any tenant, independent contractor, individual boat owner or their agents conducting any work including but  not limited to such activities as washing, painting, sanding, scraping, engine maintenance, repair, etc. or keeping a boat at this Marina shall follow and conform to the management measures and practices described or referenced in the Marina's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan which is available in the Marina Office. This requirement is also addressed to any other individual conducting work on a boat at this Marina. Failure to operate in the above manner will: a.) be a violation of the Storage Agreement and subject to revocation of the  Agreement without reimbursement,  b.) shall be an admission of responsibility and liability for all cleanup costs, fines and/or penalties whether or not assessed against the Facility and c.) shall be subject to legal action. The Marina reserves the right to refuse any individual from conducting work on any vessel located at the Facility for any reason the Marina deems necessary. The Marina also reserves the right to inspect any vessel located at the Marina at any reasonable time to ensure that it meets acceptable standards and is adhering to the practices set forth in the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.

                                                                                                     Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.
                                                                                                                        Nichols Yacht Yard