Marina Rates & Payment Policies

A current valid credit card is required to be kept on file for all customers  All invoices will be charged to the credit card on file as the work is done and the paperwork is processed.  Please note that unless you are a bonafide marine business such as a charter group, a marine salvage operator, marine construction business and the boat is commercially registered and used exclusively for that work, we do not accept any corporate or business checks, or business credit cards. We will accept personal MasterCard & Visa cards, cash and your personal check, however we reserve the right to request payment in cash only at any time for any account balance that is outstanding. All invoices are due when rendered unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the marina and so stated on the invoice. Nichols reserves the right not to launch or release any boat that has an outstanding balance due. The credit card will be used if the boat is launched or removed from the marina prior to payment in full of any outstanding invoices or in the event a personal check or other form of payment fails to clear for any reason. In fairness to all of our customers, storage agreements and or portions thereof are non-refundable and are not discounted. Unless otherwise directed by the Marina, both parties will deem acceptance of a storage agreement as an authorization for credit card charges for any outstanding balances.  A monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be charged on any outstanding balances over 30 days Please read our terms and conditions carefully as marina storage fees are non-refundable.

                Storage seasons are as follows: Annual Slip Agreement is from May 1 to May 1
    Annual Rack storage is from May 1 to May 1
                                              Winter Season is from October 15 to April 15

Please understand that renting space for boat storage is our main business. All boats are invoiced storage fees regardless of any type of work being performed by either the Marina or Owner. Customers staying past the contract dates will be charged additional storage fees.  Owner remains financially responsible for any and all expenses for storage and services until the boat is either removed from the marina by the owner or released from the agreement by Nichols in writing. We do not represent or act as an agent for boat owners with boat manufacturers, boat dealers, insurance or warranty companies. While we are happy to provide written estimates,  all work performed on any boat is the sole financial responsibility of the boat owner. All storage agreements are calculated by the boat length over all  which includes swim platforms & bow pulpits or the slip minimum size whichever is greater. All slips are listed in five foot increments starting at 25 feet. 

The  annual Slip Storage Agreement includes: A summer slip, winter dry-land storage, and one haul & launch for winter storage. Storage fees are separate from and do not include any service work. All service work is invoiced separately from all storage fees and are invoiced as the service work is performed. " For definition purposes, "Full Service" shall consist of  normal minimum items that the average boat requires annually including: the annual storage fee, winterizing, shrink-wrap, exterior hull waxing & top washing, bottom painting & zinc replacement at least once each in the annual contract period. This work is considered normal minimum baseline for the average boat, it is not a comprehensive and complete full service boat maintenance program. At your request we can also provide the names of local independent marine surveyors who can design and or recommend such a plan. Unless other arrangements are made in writing with the marina office at the time of agreement renewal,  the marina will provide the above services as outlined. 

 The full service cycle will commence with the start of the annual contract and will be considered completed when the boat is waxed and painted the following spring regardless of whether or not the boat is remaining at Nichols. "Winter" season for our annual customers begins November 1.  Only full service boats will be given annual slip contracts. 

As many area marinas have succumbed to real estate development, it has created a shortage of  dockage space.  While our goal is to create long term annual relationships with our boaters, we expect each slip to generate a minimum revenue that includes a full cycle of annual services as well as the storage. We occasionally receive requests for partial year slip storage and or no services. Over the years we have had customers choose to winter their boat in Florida,have purchased and or sold their boat and are between boats but want to retain their slip space, are having specialty work being done at another facility,  returned their boat to a dealer for warranty work,  or simply want self service only. We will make those accommodations solely at our discretion if space is available. Any current slipholder wishing a partial year slip only and or less than full services may do so but will be charged the prevailing annual slip storage fee plus an additional lost services surcharge.

Storage Rates:

Storage fees do not include any type of service work. 
All service work is invoiced separately as the service work is performed. 

Annual Slips                      $260 ft and up based on boat LOA or slip minimum pricing.

Includes a summer slip and winter outdoor dry land storage.  Fall haulout, blocking, boat stands
& spring relaunching are included. 

Service Surcharge for annual slip boats not wintering at Nichols:      $150.00 ft.

Annual Rack Storage           $175.00 Ft.
Includes year round rack storage for one family
with one launch daily from May 15 to October 15.
All trailer loading or unloading is done by appt only
on a T&M basis. We do not discount or prorate racks.                        

Rack Sharing/Additional Rack Share Each            $60.00 Ft.

Inwater Summer Monthly to 35'-(When Available)          $40.00 Ft.

Inwater Summer Monthly over 35'-(When Available)       $50.00 Ft.

Indoor Storage-Summer or Winter Season             $145.00 Ft.

Monthly Land Storage            $25.00 Ft.

Transient Storage/Dockage   $6.00 Ft. Daily

Winter Season Dry Land Storage                  $70.00 Ft. 

Summer Season Dry Land Storage              $70.00 Ft. 

Dryland storage includes hauling, blocking, boat stands
& relaunching. Any type of trailer loading is not included.  

Marina Mechanical Labor Rate:                                         $175.00 Hour

Hauling & Launching:


Short Haul (Up to 24 hrs. in slings-round trip) $12.50 Ft.

Long Haul & Block                                                                             $17.50 Ft.

Emergency Haul/ Unscheduled or after normal Business Hours      $30.00 Ft.

Powerwash Bottom to 35 Ft.                                                              $6.50 Ft.
Powerwash Bottom 36 Ft. and up                                                      $8.50 Ft.

Load or Unload to or from Trailer     $17.50 Ft.

Crane/Forktruck Service                   $225.00 Hr.

Bottom Painting:

Please Note: Due to NY State DEC regulations and for the well being of our employees and the associated health hazards of antifouling paints which are toxic, we do not sand bottoms. We can 
arrange for an outside environmentally friendly vendor to strip your bottom if requested. 

New  bottoms never painted:

Dewax and remove mold release agent from the bottom of                           By Quote Only
new boat hull with Interlux 202 solvent wash.  Launch boat 
and establish and mark proper waterline. Haul and block boat for painting.
Wash bottom and tape out waterline. Sand bottom to degloss and wipe down
with Interlux 202 solvent wash, Apply 2 coats of Interlux 2000 Epoxy Barrier Coat.
Apply two coats of antifouling paint.

Previously  painted bottoms:

Bottom Paint with Ablative Antifouling to 25 Ft.                                       $25.00 Ft.  Includes All Materials
Bottom Paint with Ablative Antifouling 26 Ft. to 35 Ft.                             $27.00 Ft.  Includes All Materials 
Bottom Paint with Ablative Antifouling  36 Ft. to 45 F                             $32.50 Ft.  Includes All Materials
Bottom Paint with Ablative Antifouling 46 Ft. and over                            $37.50 Ft. Materials are Additional


​Second coat  when done at time of painting:                                         subtract $5.00 ft of above pricing.

Outdrives & Gimbal housing-Trilux Antifouling (Each)                             $275.00ea. Plus Materials
PropSpeed Application Time & Materials 
Underwater Running Gear, Trim tabs and or Swim Platforms/Lifts           Time & Materials

All requested or specialty antifouling paints are subject to per Ft. or Gallon surcharge

Engine Care:
All Motor Tuneups.   Time & Materials only

Cosmetic Boat Care:

Wash, Compound & Wax Hull Sides Onlyto 25 Ft.                               $16.00 Ft. Includes All Materials
Wash, Compound & Wax Hull Sides Only to 40 Ft.                              $17.50 Ft. Includes All Materials
Wash, Compound & Wax Hull Sides Only 40 to 50 Ft.                         $22.50 Ft. Includes All Materials
Wash, Compound & Wax Hull Sides Only over 50 Ft.                          $30.00 Ft. Includes All Materials

Regular Full Top of Boat Spring Wash                                                   $15.00 Ft.

Full Detail of Top of Boat above Rubrail                                                    $35.00 Ft.

(Only done after an initial Spring Wash & all marina boats have been launched in springtime)                                              

Scheduled weekly washes after regular spring wash: 

Weekly Maintenance Boat Wash                                                 $5.00 Ft.
Biweekly  Maintenance Boat Wash                                              $6.00 Ft.

 Brightwork Refinishing               Time & Material

Over 45 Ft Detailing        By Quote

Step Or Unstep Masts-Each Way:  (Rate is based on boat length overall)
Up to 30 Ft.                   $20.00 Ft.
31 to 40 Ft.                             $30.00 Ft.
Over 40 Ft.                                                    $40.00 Ft.
Yawl or Ketch Rig – Add                         $15.00 Ft.
Rod Rigging – Add                                        $15.00 Ft.
Radar Units – Add                                  $50.00 Ea.
Unbend Sails/Canvas left on boat     Time Only


All pricing below assumes that  all equipment to be winterized is turn key and completely operable with no repair issues involved.  Any work additional repair work needed will be billed separately. We will not be responsible for any  non-running motors or systems submitted for winterizing. All holding tanks must be emptied by owner prior to Nichols winterizing any boat.


 Winterize in Fall/Commission in Spring- includes run and check, change oil & filter. Check and or change transmission fluid as needed. Check and adjust fresh water cooling system, winterize raw water system. Fog gas motors, stabilize fuel system, apply corrosion inhibitor. Commission motor in spring. This service does not include a tune-up.

All Gasoline Engines and Generators     $475.00 Plus Materials
1-4 Cylinder Diesel Engines     $450.00 Plus Materials 
 6 Cylinder & Up Diesel Engines     $475.00 Plus Materials

Winterize In Fall/Commission In Spring includes run to temperature and fresh water flush, change lower unit gear oil, lubricate as needed, fog motor, apply corrosion inhibitor, Commission in spring.

25 H.P & less                     $325.00     Plus Materials
26 HP to 150 HP                 $475.00     Plus Materials
​Over 150 HP                       $595.00    Plus Materials


Includes fresh water flushing, removal from boat, remove old zincs, split case, change lower unit gear oil, service water pump assembly, clean water passages and inlets, check and lube universal joints, reassemble case and pressure test to factory specifications. Install new zinc anodes. Store unit for winter and reinstall on boat in spring.

Mercruiser Alpha, Bravo, or Volvo-Penta         $395.00 ea. Plus Materials
Remove, Store and Reinstall Drive Only           $310.00 Includes Gaskets


Drain systems, add non-toxic antifreeze, drain in the spring and refill with fresh water.

Head$75.00 Plus Materials
Holding Tanks$75.00 Plus Materials
Sink(s)$25.00 Plus Materials
Showers$75.00 Plus Materials
Water Heaters$85.00 Plus Materials
Washdown System$60.00 Plus Materials
Icemakers$85.00 Plus Materials
Air Conditioners$110.00 Plus Materials


PLEASE NOTE:  Shrink wrap is meant to be a temporary disposable cover. Like any other form of boat covering it does not have an indefinite lifespan nor is it totally impervious to water intrusion. Mold and or bubbling from long term storage can occur if it is not removed at least annually. Prior to your boat being wrapped you should remove your canvas covers from the boat. While our shrinkwrappers are as careful as possible, in cold weather plastic isinglass windows can crack and old canvas, zippers and snaps can and do fail. Old and or marginal canvas products do not perform well in cold temperatures. Nichols will not assume any responsibility for any canvases or covers left on boats by owner or for any bubbling or damage to hulls that are wrapped for any reason. Nichols like most other marinas, utilizes an outside vendor to wrap boats and we have to work with their schedule. Snowfalls can and occasionally do occur before we can wrap all of the boats after hauling. When it does occur, we will wait until it melts off before resuming wrapping. If this is a concern, please present your boat for winter storage on or before October 15th.

Up to 25 Ft.              $24.00 Ft.
Over 26 Ft. to 35 Ft.$29.50 Ft.
Over 36 Ft. to 45 Ft.$34.50 Ft.
Over 46 Ft.              $40.00 Ft. 


We do not disconnect, remove and or store any batteries over the winter season. Over the past several years, we have found that it is more economically feasible for our customers to replace any marginal batteries rather than remove, store and reinstall them.