Valet Rack Storage 

There's no doubt about it, launching and hauling are time-consuming nuisances. 
You work hard all week. Why waste your money on a boat yard where you have
 to work even harder on the weekend? Nichols' unique rack system takes the  
labor out of launching, and the hassle out of hauling. Just stop in any day of the 
week during the season and minutes later your boat is in the water ready to go.
 At the end of the day bring your boat back, hose it down and we take care of the
 work from there. Rack storage saves your drive unit  from damaging and expensive corrosion and electrolysis.Our valet rack storage system frees you from unnecessary labor, saves you money in bottom work and prop repair, and gives you the freedom to enjoy a day on the water whenever you want. You save your valuable time and money.

 Rack Storage Advantages

24-hour access

Easy inspection of the entire boat

Easy access for maintenance, cleaning and waxing

No more toxic bottom painting necessary

No galvanic corrosion or electrolysis to expensive
drive components

No need for dockside power to maintain bilge

No more trailering!

The most commonly asked questions:

What is included in the basic price?
Our annual agreement provides you with year round storage for your boat on a hi-dry rack. It includes one haul and launch daily at no extra charge during our summer season.  The launching season runs from May 15th to October 15th. All service work is invoiced separately. You will find our pricing extremely competitive with any area marinas.  The pricing is for one year or any portion thereof.  We do not discount our rack packages or offer summer only packages.

What is the operating schedule?
The daily rack launching operation will commence May 15 and operate daily until October 15.  Boaters are entitled to one launch and one haul daily during 
the launching period.  

Hours of rack launch operation:

8am to 5pm daily

 You do not need to call ahead during our normal operating hours.
 We will launch the boat when you arrive.

Do you charge to take the boat on or off my trailer?
Although most marinas charge anytime they handle a boat with equipment, we will unload the boat on or off the trailer at the beginning or end of a contract as a courtesy to you. Mamaroneck  Harbor also has a launching ramp available on a daily basis.  
If you need the boat loaded on a trailer at any other time, please make advance arrangements with our office.

What if you're closed and I want to use my boat?
We have a dedicated dock reserved for rack use. If you want to go out after we close or before we open in the morning simply call our dedicated phone line before 4 pm and we will launch your boat and tie it up at the rack dock. When you return you tie up at the rack dock and we'll haul the boat when we open

Can I leave my boat at the dock for extended periods?
We ask that you please come and go as quickly as possible as soon as you are launched as you would with valet parking in order to facilitate the launching and hauling of all of the other boats. If there are any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from doing so, please feel free to discuss them with our staff.

How can I work on my boat if it's on an upper rack?
We have several work racks at ground level.  One of our staff will be happy to move your boat to a work rack. For your safety no customers are permitted in a boat on the second or third tier racks or while the boat is being handled by our staff with equipment.

It's your vacation
 Let us sweat the details!