All rack boats are invoiced storage fees regardless of any type of work being performed by either the Marina or Owner. Annual rack storage includes storage in a rack berth which is determined by the Marina from May 1, 2024 until May 1, 2025 or any portion thereof. We do not prorate or discount rack storage fees.   Any boat remaining at the marina past the contract date will be subject to additional storage charges. Owner remains financially responsible for any and all expenses for storage and service until the boat is either removed from the marina by Owner or released from the agreement by Nichols in writing. A 50% deposit is required by March 15 to reserve your rack space with the balance due by prior to spring launching.  All storage fees are calculated by the overall length of the boat including outboard motors, bow pulpits, swim platforms.

Additional families and or boaters sharing a valet rack boat besides the initial registered owner of record with the marina, will be charged an additional sharing fee for each additional family or boater sharing the boat.  All boats used for sharing by another person or by another family member over age 21 must be approved by and listed as such with the marina. Any changes in ownership or shares during the agreement period are subject to and must be approved by the marina and recorded at the marina office by the registered owner of the boat. The marina reserves the right to cancel any agreement failing to comply with the marina's sharing policy. To avoid any misunderstandings, if you have any questions regarding the boat sharing policy, please contact the marina office prior to submitting an application. The marina will invoice only the owner of record and expect all paymentsfrom that owner. The rack operators will not launch any boat except for the owner or shareholder/s of record unless approved by the Marina office.  If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the Marina office prior to submitting a rack application.

The daily rack launching operation will commence May 15 and operate daily until October 15. Unless multiple boaters are listed on the application form,  boaters are entitled to one launch and one haul daily during the launching period. Any additional launches or haul outs or trailer loading or unloading  will  incur regular marina hauling fees. 

Hours of rack launch operation:

8am to 5pm daily

Phone in request deadline is no later than 4:30 pm

RACK PHONE # 914-698-0430

All boats must be properly insured with full hull and liability insurance and proof of such may be requested by Nichols at any time.  All Mercruiser and OMC outdrives should be removed for dry land winter storage.  We ask that all patrons recycle as required by county law. 

Drain plug removal is the sole responsibility of the owner. Nichols will not be responsible for any cosmetic scratching incurred while hauling, handling or storing. Please remember: Outboards and drive units are left down, antennas and canvas higher than your windshield are lowered, trim tabs returned to "up" position, and battery switches to the "off" position (fire prevention).  All transducers must be mounted as not to be able to be damaged by forklift forks or racks. Any and all damages or costs resulting from non-compliance to these policies will be owner’s responsibility

All rack boats are required to have a working master battery switch and the owner is responsible to shut off the master switch prior to the boat being hauled out.  

For safety reasons, no fueling or fuel transfer is permitted anywhere at Nichols. There is a fuel dock at the adjacent marina and an additional fuel dock in the other harbor as well. Also, we ask that you not do not "top off"  the fuel tank prior to winter storage or the end of the day of your using the boat. Gasoline expands under varying temperature conditions and can leak from your  tank vent not only dripping on other boats but creating a fire hazard as well. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to refuel on your way out rather than on your return and to run your fuel tank down before winter storage. Automatic discharge fire extinguishing systems are highly recommended on all boats. 

All boaters are responsible to keep their bilges clean and are responsible for any leakage, drips, or staining of any kind from above which damages a boat stored below. Expect rack boats to be dripped on by water from other boats, it is the nature of rack storage. Nichols is not responsible for any staining or leakage to your boat that may occur for any reason.

The Marina assumes no responsibility for trailers that are damaged while loading or unloading.  Please make advance arrangement for "while you wait" loading or unloading. The Marina will not store trailers.

All outside contractors are subject to Nichols approval. All approved outside contractors must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 minimum with Nichols being named insured, and proof of Workman's Compensation at our office prior to any work being performed.  In addition, all contractors must sign in and out at the main office each time they come to the yard to work on your boat. There can be no exceptions to the insurance rule.  In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please do not bring any day laborers in to work on your boat as they will be asked to leave the premises.

We accept personal MasterCard & Visa cards, cash and your personal check. A current, valid credit card is required for all customers, and updated upon submission of this form.  All invoices will be charged to your credit card  as the work is done and the paperwork is processed.   Please note that we do not accept any type of corporate or business checks, or business credit cards. All invoices are due when rendered unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Nichols reserves the right not to launch or release any boat that has an outstanding balance due. The credit card will be charged if the boat is launched or removed from the marina prior to payment in full of any outstanding invoices or in the event a personal check or other form of payment fails to clear for any reason.  This agreement is subject to all of the Marina general rates & terms as put forth on Nichols website. 

By submission of this form I represent that I am the registered and legal owner of the storage boat. I also represent that my boat is fully registered and insured as required in the marina terms and conditions. Additionally, I acknowledge that I have completely read and I understand the terms of this storage agreement as put forth on Nichols Yacht Yard website, including the fees, storage terms and payment conditions as listed on this website and above. I also acknowledge and consent to do business electronically with Nichols Yacht Yard, Inc. and all invoicing and receipts will be paperless and sent by email. I understand that storage fees and storage deposits and are non-refundable.
Nichols Yacht Yard

2024 Annual Rack Agreement Application

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please read carefully.