Please read  through this page as it changes annually!

It will lead you to a simple form that has a checklist you can submit to have your boat stored & winterized.  If you are an annual slip customer we will automatically winterize your boat and you do not need this form.  If you are an annual rack customer, there is a separate link on our homepage for our winterizing checklist. No boat will be accepted for storage without submission of the paperwork. 


 The Winter Storage period is from October 15  to April 15.

While we realize that everyone wants to maximize their boating season,  due to the number of boats we winter store and how we need to arrange the layout of the yard, we will start hauling out all boats as needed  for yard placement October 15.  Snowfalls and freezing can and occasionally does occur before we can winterize and cover all of the boats. If this is a concern, please present your boat for winter storage on or before October 15th.  We will not be responsible for any damages to any boat that is not  ready to be hauled by October 15th.  Due to the large  number of boats we winter store, time does not permit individual calls to remind everyone to be ready to haul.  It is the boat owners responsibility to have their boat ready for hauling out which means all sails off, pumped out, foodstuffs, freezable liquids and ice removed. We do not empty refrigerators or remove foodstuffs. If you are not planning an early launch, please advise us. If you are a winter only customer please have your boat ready for hauling when you bring it to us. WHEN YOU BRING THE BOAT TO THE YARD WE WILL ASSUME THAT IT IS READY FOR HAULING AND DO SO AS SOON AS OUR SCHEDULE PERMITS! While we do our best to accommodate all of our customer scheduling requests whenever possible, given the number and placement of boats we winter store along with tidal restrictions we do not promise or guarantee any haul out or launch dates.

All boats for winter storage are bottom power washed to prevent odors 
& for safer handling.  

Nichols primary business is rental space for boat storage.  All boats entering the  premises are billed for storage regardless of any work being performed. 

A proper working drain plug should be standard equipment on your boat.Our personnel will try to remove your exterior drain plug at the time of hauling. However, many times drain plugs are either not accessible, not in working condition, or do not exist. To prevent water intrusion and insure that no excess water can accumulate in your boat over the winter, please check your drain plug to be sure it is removed after your boat is hauled. Nichols does not monitor boat interiors and will not be responsible for any water intrusion or damages caused by it on any dry land stored boats. Drain plug removal, interior monitoring and or pumping is the sole responsibility of the boat owner.

All sails must be removed prior to hauling. As per our insurance company rules, no stepping or unstepping of any sailboat mast (regardless of size) may be done by anyone except yard personnel.

Because of the risk of fire, no plugins or electrical hookups are permitted on land except for daytime use while you are here onsite at the marina. Do not leave your boat plugged in to "charge the batteries" when you are not on the premises. Any electrical cords found plugged in without the owner present will be removed. Please do not run your engine or light stoves while on land.


Nichols recommends the removal of all outdrives, small outboards, easily removed electronics and other valuables.  Nichols will not be responsible for any such items or any outboard motors left on storage boats.  Outdrive and propeller locks are available at the main  office. 

Nichols will not be responsible for any cosmetic scratching to any type of painted or gel-coated hull while in the process of lifting, hauling, or launching or moving boats.  While we take great care in hauling and moving boats, cosmetic scratching to painted surfaces from barnacles, lifting straps, in-water debris, etc, during the lifting and moving process can and does occasionally occur.

Winter storage boats not having a summer slip at Nichols must be ready for launching by May 1 or will be subject to additional storage or moving charges.  

All systems should be in good working order. Any repairs or replacement of parts needed in order to winterize or recommission will be billed separately as an additional charge. All holding tanks should be emptied prior to hauling out. Keys and or combinations must be made available to the marina before your boat is hauled out.  All work is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis as these forms are returned to us.

Plastic poly tarps of any kind or color are not allowed on any boats. They can and do come loose  and generally do more harm to the boat than good. You should either shrink wrap or use fitted canvas covers only. Winter covers cannot be tied to blocking, boat stands, racks or any other supports.  Any cover tied in this manner may be removed by Nichols, and the owner may be charged for the removal and disposal. 

Shrink wrap is meant to be a temporary disposable weather covering. Like any other form of boat covering, it does not have an indefinite lifespan nor is it totally impervious to water intrusion. Mold and or paint & gel coat bubbling from long term storage can occur if it is not removed annually. Prior to your boat being wrapped you should remove your canvas covers from the boat. While our shrink-wrappers are as careful as possible, in cold weather  plastic isinglass windows can crack and old canvas, zippers and snaps can and do fail. Old and or marginal canvas products do not perform well in cold temperatures. Nichols will not assume any responsibility for any canvases or covers left on boats by owner or for any paint or gelcoat bubbling or damages from wrapping for any reason. Nichols like most area marinas, utilizes an outside vendor to wrap boats and we have to work with their schedule. Snowfalls can and occasionally do occur before we can wrap all of the winter storage boats after hauling. When it does occur, we will wait until it melts off before resuming wrapping. If this is a concern, please present your boat for winter storage on or before October 15th. 

Boat owner agrees to have his boat completely insured, including liability, collision and fire and extended coverage insurance.  Each owner and their Insurer represent they are fully insuring the storage boat and agrees to waive all subrogation.  Each Licensee will be held responsible for any damage he causes to other boats in the Marina or to the structure of facilities thereof whether caused by negligence or not.  The Marina assumes no responsibility for owner's boat or equipment.   No outside contractors are permitted to work anywhere in the facility or on any boat unless approved by Nichols. All outside contractors must provide written proof of Workman's Compensation and  a minimum $1,000,000.00 liability policy with Nichols as a named insured. If you schedule a contractor they must be approved by Nichols and sign in at the marina office each visit during regular business hours.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please do not bring any day laborers in to work on your boat as they will be asked to leave.  

All boats, owners and guests are subject to the terms and conditions as put forth on  this website.  Please remember that the majority of the rules we have created over the years are meant to expedite our services and to provide you with a  safe and enjoyable boating experience. Should you at any time have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


A current valid credit card is required to be kept on file for all customers  All invoices will be charged to the credit card on file as the work is done and the paperwork is processed.  Please note that unless you are a bona fide marine business such as a charter group salvage operator, marine construction business or similar, we do not accept any corporate or business checks, or business credit cards. We will accept your personal MasterCard & Visa cards, cash and or your personal check. However, we also at our sole discretion reserve the right to request payment in cash only at any time for any account balance that is outstanding. All invoices are due when rendered unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the marina and so stated on the invoice. Nichols reserves the right not to launch or release any boat that has an outstanding balance due. The credit card will be used if the boat is launched or removed from the marina prior to payment in full of any outstanding invoices or in the event a personal check or other form of payment fails to clear for any reason. In fairness to all of our customers, storage agreements and or portions thereof are non-refundable and are not discounted. Unless otherwise directed by the Marina, both parties will deem acceptance of a storage agreement as an authorization for to do business electronically and to charge the owner's credit card charges for any outstanding balances. A monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be charged on any outstanding balances over 30 days Please read our terms and conditions carefully, as storage fees are non-refundable.


Winter Storage Information

By submission of this form I represent that I am the registered and legal owner of the storage boat. I also represent that my boat is fully registered and insured as required in the marina terms and conditions. Additionally, I acknowledge that I have completely read and I understand the terms of this storage agreement as put forth on Nichols Yacht Yard website, including the fees, storage terms and payment conditions as listed on this website and above. I also acknowledge and consent to do business electronically with Nichols Yacht Yard, Inc. and all invoicing and receipts will be paperless and sent by email. I understand that storage fees and storage deposits are non-refundable.