Nichols Spring Commissioning Checklist
Please add any special instructions or requests below!

Please note that springtime in the marina is our busiest time of the year and we try to accomodate a myriad of different requests from over 450 boaters in a very short period of time.  In order that we may schedule your work please fill out and submit this form as soon as possible. Due to the number of boats we launch in the spring, any boat not having a reserved summer slip at the Marina must be picked up no later than the weekend of the launch week. While we understand that delays do happen, it's our intent to expedite the launching of all of our  boaters. Since extra dock space is at a premium during the spring launch season,  please do not ask us to launch your boat until your mooring is installed and usable and you are ready to pick up the boat. We hope all of our customers have a most enjoyable summer season!
Marina Rates

Annual dockage customers will be serviced automatically
 and do not have to remit this form.
Please provide the same services as last year
Wash, Compound & Wax Hull Sides Only
Wash Entire Top of Boat
Prepare & Paint Hull Bottom with Antifouling Paint
Wash Entire Top of Boat
Replace Zincs
Install New Batteries
Install New Vinyl Name-(please specify color & font below)
Thank You, I require no services